<html> <head> <title> HIC Corporation </title> </head> <BODY background=" " bgcolor="white" text="black" link="blue" vlink="purple" alink="red" bgproperties="fixed" oncontextmenu="return false" > <P> <br> <UL> <P> <A HREF=" http://www.hicfibers.com/" target="_blank"> <IMG SRC="HIC_2_01.jpg" ALIGN="MIDDLE" WIDTH="210" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="0"> </A> </P> </UL> <P><IMG SRC="line.gif" ALIGN="MIDDLE" WIDTH="1100" HEIGHT="2" BORDER="0"></P> <br> <center> <table background=" "> <tr> <td border="0" width="700" height="500"> <marquee behavior="slide" scrollamount="10"> <font face=" " size="4" color="#000000"> <strong><br> Thank you very much to visit us here, <br> but we make the new website (www.hicfibers.com) online. <br> Pls visit to our new homepage and <br> check our products and contact us if you need any help. <br> Sorry to give you incovenience and thanks for your patience. <br><br> </strong></font> <br> </marquee> <marquee behavior="slide" scrollamount="8"> <font face=" " size="4" color="#FF0000"> <strong><br> ^8^a"`IQ4N}Y1rUё^\6RT gPlQSQu <br> bNlQSZPNevQzwww.hicfibers.com , <br> Yg` gNUO OmȉbNveQu <br> g wbNvNT SeNbNT| <br> ^8^a"`_v Y gSbpb 0<br><br> </strong></font> <br> </marquee> <marquee behavior="slide" scrollamount="7"> <font face=" " size="3" color="#000080"> <strong><br> l H֘t| )8tT iȲ. <br> l H֘t ֬ (www.hicfibers.com) H֘t\ tD XƵȲ. <br> \ H֘t Ȉ \  ň<Ȳ <br> 8X 8XX t XՠȲ. <br> D |ܴ$ ȡiȲ.<br><br> </strong></font> <br> </marquee> <br><br> <FONT COLOR="#332600"> Click && </FONT> <A HREF=" http://www.hicfibers.com/" target="_blank"> <FONT SIZE="2" FACE=" " ONMOUSEOVER="MM_showHideLayers('Layer1','','hide','Layer2','','hide','Layer3','','hide','Layer4','','hide')"> <font face=" " size="3" color="#FF5200"> http://www.hicfibers.com </font> </FONT></A> <br> </td> </tr> </table> </center> </body> </html>